Fast Short Link

Three times faster than a full regular iOLM characterization

  • Link loss
  • Fiber length
  • Mapping including connector return loss

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Fast Short Link* is an Optimode, part of the iOLM Advanced (iADV) software, and is perfectly tailored for applications such as FTTA, data centers, Enterprise LAN/WAN, and for any other short singlemode or multimode links.

iADV also includes the following features**:

  • iOLM EXpert mode
  • OTDR Real Time mode via iOLM 
  • PON Last Mile Certification Optimode

*Fast Short Link will be released by end of December (requires activating iOLM Advanced option and updating your iOLM software version)

**Availability of above features may vary depending on your iOLM tester, contact EXFO or refer to iOLM spec sheet for details.

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